Tulsicon 2018 Conference

14 September 2018, London, The London Wetland Centre

We are excited to announce our  International One Health Conference which will be held in London on the 14th of September 2018. The event sponsored by Lush (UK), Tytek, Simplyhealth and WCT will bring together health care professionals, conservationists, academics and policy makers to talk about one of the biggest threats to conservation; that is the health of frontline communities who live and work in conservation areas. Under the banner of One Health we will bringing eminent speakers to discuss some of the issues in this field .

Click here to register https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/the-tulsi-foundation-17425843977

About Tulsicon2018

This international One Health conference is assembling professionals from multiple disciplines to discuss the impact global health has on conservation. The conference will also allow the participants to have their own FREE health check as well as the opportunity to receive FREE Basic Life Support (BLS) training.

Faculty for Tulsicon2018 (subject to conformation)

  • Dr Chet Trivedy Tulsi Foundation (UK)
  • Ms Katey Duffey Tulsi Foundation (USA)
  • Dr Anish Andheria WCT (India)
  • Dr Vishal Gadre WCT (India)
  • Dr Nathan Smith University of Exeter  (UK)
  • Dr Simon Doherty  British Veterinary Association (UK)
  • Dr Micheal Reid PhD Canadian Cameroon Ape Network
  • Ms Danni Rabaiotti ZSL (UK)
  • Dr Niki Rust University of Newcastle (UK)
  • Mr Phil Davis Tiger Awareness Charity (UK)
  • Professor David Warrell University of Oxford (UK)
  • Mrs Judith Mackay Wildlife Artist (UK)
  • Mr Martin Spray CEO WWT (UK)

Topics and Workshops

  • Trauma and emergency care on the frontline
  • Ranger health
  • Veterinary One Health
  • Global public health issue of snake bites
  • Human Wildlife Conflict
  • Emerging environmental issues  affecting health and conservation
  • Psychological health in extreme environments
  • Personal safety in austere environments and risk of sexual abuse
  • The use of dogs in combating crime
  • Prize research abstract competition for a cash prize * submit you’re abstract to us before 14/8/2018
  • Free BLS workshop
  • Free health checks
  • Meet a best selling author Danni Rabaiotti
  • Meet award winning wildlife artist Judith Mackay
  • Meet the otters at  WWT
  • Tour of the Centre / guided nature walk

Registration and Fees

Our early bird rate for the  one day conference is £80. After August 1st this will go up to £120. We have a limited capacity at the venue so you are advised to book early for this event. This is a strictly not for profit conference and in the event that we do make any small profit after paying for the venue, catering and other expenses every penny will go back to our grass roots work with rangers. We really appreciate your support in making Tulsicon2018 happen.

This includes:

  • Registration for Tulsicon2018
  • Full day access to the London WWT for the day including opportunities to meet the otters and have a nature walk
  • A light vegan lunch as well as refreshemnts
  • Opportunity for a FREE health check worth  £200 (registration required as limited spaces)
  • Opportunity for a FREE workshop on BLS
  • Meet a wildlife artist and a best selling author
  • Ample parking on site
  • Opportunity to present your research abstract for a cash prize,

Our Sponsors

Register Now

We are using the eventbrite app to set up the registration and make the online payment. This link will take you to the site. For bookings for the FREE  BLS training and the FREE health checks please email us directly on our site. Due to the limitation in time during the day we will have limited number of slots for the health checks, the nature walks as well as the BLS workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact us if have any questions.

Click here to register https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/the-tulsi-foundation-17425843977

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