0830-0915 Arrival and Registration  
0915-0930 Welcome and Introduction to WWT Mr Martin Spray CBE DSc Chief Executive, WWT
0930-0945 The Tulsi Foundation, the story so far Dr Chet Trivedy, Founder Tulsi Foundation
0945-1015 Wildlife Conservation Challenges in the Indian sub-continent.



Dr Anish Andheria, President WCT, Mumbai
1015-1030 Addressing the foundation of wildlife protection: understanding the perceptions and working conditions of field rangers in Asia and Africa


Ms Cath Lawson WWF- Chief Advisor on wildlife
1030-1050 Are NCDs a real threat to conservation? Dr Vishal Gadre, Programme Officer WCT, Mumbai
1050-1115 Coffee with the otters  
1115-1145 Voices from the field: A health needs assessment of acute emergencies faced by frontline staff Dr Chet Trivedy, Tulsi Foundation
1145-1215 The interlinkages between human, livestock and wildlife wellbeing using a human-wildlife conflict lens


Dr Niki Rust, Research Fellow, University of Newcastle
1215-1230 Anti-poaching dogs in Madhya Pradesh India Mr Phil Davis, Tiger Awareness
1230-1300 Sustainable livestock development – One Health in practice?


Dr Simon Doherty, Junior Vice-President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA)
1300-1400 Lunch Art exhibition by Judith MacKay
1400-1430 Day to day psychological function in extreme environments: Lessons for rangers and anti-poaching patrols’ Dr Nathan Smith, University of Exeter
1430-1500 Creating Conservationists: Empowering Local Community Members to Become Conservation Leaders Using a One Health/One World Paradigm


Dr Michael Reid PhD, University of Toronto
1500-1520 Tea break  
1520-1530 An emergency fund for victims of sexual harassment and assault in the field Ms Dani Rabaiotti, ZSL
1530-1615 Mandy Hagen Memorial Lecture “Global burden of snake-bite”


Professor David Warrell, University of Oxford
1615 Close and tour of WWT